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      Creating brain network to link up people’s minds and us with the future

      First of all, let me ask you a question. Why do most people not live in a presidential way? I daresay most perhaps lack imagination, not money. Now let me defend the point made. And let me put this in this way: we perhaps have to gather developers, ambitious ones, and create a brain network, a...

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        Underground snake with scales made of bionic ceramics will suck dangerous heat from supervolcanoes.| Designing geothermal plants

        to Caroline -------------- We continue to explore possibilities for humanity to prevent colossal eruption of supervolcanoes; and one of the ways to pacify and quiet down the wrath of underground power is to turn it into creative force powering geothermal plants. Our objective today is to...

        Tags: supervolcano, eruption of volcano, volcanic winter, research, geothermal plant, geothermal energy, ReptileCoin, research probe, ceramics, bioceramics, bionic scales, snake, conference on supervolcanoes, development

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          Making/getting started show “I immigrate to…”

          In this show to come I make my attempt to get a citizenship of one or more countries attractive to live in – and report how things are getting along. The first step is to choose a collection of countries whose passport I pursue to get while making my way through all the necessary steps r...

          Tags: immigration, startup, buisness, searching partners, travel, countries, immigration service, business idea, development

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            Shower Network: people come in a shower and start shooting videos, streaming them live right from over there

            Our goal is to build a network of shower cabins equipped with cameras – very special ones – everywhere and also a network – a freshly smelling one - of people who make videos, watch and share them. Basically people can make their videos about anything, but we primarily want t...

            Tags: shower network, shower, development, network, AI, platform, video-streaming service, happinnes, smell technology, bionics, Space Train, getting fit, training, artificial intelligence

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              Creating an independent state |

              I am creating an independent state: to grant citizenship, to provide a tax code that is favorable for those holding cryptocurrency to gain international recognition of our citizenship and the rule of our people of our own to support innovations, sustainable world and favorable conditi...

              Tags: crypto, cryptocurrency, bitcoin, independent state, investment, development, technology, floating cities, citizenship, tax, taxation, zero tax, seasteading

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                We've got awesome feedback from our amazing people | Creating independent state | BitcoID

                We've asked a question on Reddit: Time to create a new independent state for all holders of cryptocurrency? What policy would you introduce in the interest of cryptoholders? And we've got an awesome feedback from our amazing people.  Let's get into it! Public transit ...

                Tags: voting, voting system, policy, development, faucet, full node, discount, council, governance, seasteading, crypto, cryptocurrency, cryptoholder, bitcoin, bitcoiner, independent state, space launch system

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                  Building a new generation of people through Shower Network with videocameras and AI-assistants. Are you shy?

                  Our vision of the future: all the showers in the world are outfitted with cameras and signed up into a Shower Network. Next, all the users are connected through AI-enabled shower-based spots of entry to it. People want to be able who they are: do what they want and enjoy what they do. Our Show...

                  Tags: shower network, shower, development, network, AI, platform, video-streaming service, happinnes, smell technology, bionics, Space Train, training, artificial intelligence, shower movement, AI lab, AI research lab

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                    Building multinational to offer goods and services of presidential class for everybody. Education for all | to Keith Lofstrom

                    Have you ever dreamed about living in a presidential way? To travel in a presidential way? To reside in hotels in presidential apartments? Wear clothes and accessories and use services only presidents can afford? I am your coach for a president of the United Space and I’m going to tell y...


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                      The development of free-floating offices, for-business seasteding: Here’s why and what we’ll get if set objectives right.

                      Businesses are going to set sail and have office blocks with staff floating in seasteads on the open ocean off the shore. What will it take to start building free-floating off-shore offices and make them an affordable option even for startups and small businesses? What benefits will businesses...

                      Tags: independent state, investment, development, technology, floating cities, citizenship, tax, taxation, seasteading, special economic zone, business, entrepreneur, start-up, immigration, floating office

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                        A plan to build a skyscraper to have World SeaSteading Organization (WSSO) headquartered | to Ira

                        Sustainable seasteads - floating cities - for billions to give new hope for people, businesses, nations We have a plan to have built the most advanced, the tallest and expensive skyscraper to date. Its purpose is to house an organization whose aim is to promote seasteading that is creating flo...

                        Tags: independent state, investment, development, technology, floating cities, citizenship, taxtaxation, zero tax, seasteading, space launch system, space exploration, space, business, business idea, immigration