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      Creating an independent state |

      I am creating an independent state: to grant citizenship, to provide a tax code that is favorable for those holding cryptocurrency to gain international recognition of our citizenship and the rule of our people of our own to support innovations, sustainable world and favorable conditi...

      Tags: crypto, cryptocurrency, bitcoin, independent state, investment, development, technology, floating cities, citizenship, tax, taxation, zero tax, seasteading

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        We've got awesome feedback from our amazing people | Creating independent state | BitcoID

        We've asked a question on Reddit: Time to create a new independent state for all holders of cryptocurrency? What policy would you introduce in the interest of cryptoholders? And we've got an awesome feedback from our amazing people.  Let's get into it! Public transit ...

        Tags: voting, voting system, policy, development, faucet, full node, discount, council, governance, seasteading, crypto, cryptocurrency, cryptoholder, bitcoin, bitcoiner, independent state, space launch system

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          A competiton among AI-labs, robot-makers aimed at giving the ocean all-out clean-up, producing more clean solar power | to Ira | #BitcoID

          Appeal of having a nice floating home rocking on the ocean waves is to watch sea creatures close-up: dolphins, seals, turtles and albatross. As humanity aimes to have large seasteading – that is floating on the ocean – towns and cities, the promise of seasteading is that everyone i...

          Tags: seasteading, green energy, investment, start-up, solar panel, solar energy, ocean clean-up, albatross, AI, robot, bionics, batteries, plastic, development, crypto, cryptocurrency, BitcoID