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      Making/getting started show “I immigrate to…”

      In this show to come I make my attempt to get a citizenship of one or more countries attractive to live in – and report how things are getting along. The first step is to choose a collection of countries whose passport I pursue to get while making my way through all the necessary steps r...

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        A plan to build a skyscraper to have World SeaSteading Organization (WSSO) headquartered | to Ira

        Sustainable seasteads - floating cities - for billions to give new hope for people, businesses, nations We have a plan to have built the most advanced, the tallest and expensive skyscraper to date. Its purpose is to house an organization whose aim is to promote seasteading that is creating flo...

        Tags: independent state, investment, development, technology, floating cities, citizenship, taxtaxation, zero tax, seasteading, space launch system, space exploration, space, business, business idea, immigration