A plan to build a skyscraper to have World SeaSteading Organization (WSSO) headquartered | to Ira

Sustainable seasteads - floating cities - for billions to give new hope for people, businesses, nations

We have a plan to have built the most advanced, the tallest and expensive skyscraper to date. Its purpose is to house an organization whose aim is to promote seasteading that is creating floating cities worldwide with every nation’s interests taken into account.

We are looking for a country who will fully uphold the venture, one who is going to really take the lead and attract the opportunities coming along with an upcoming era of floating cities on the ocean for billions.

Let’s face it: the world doesn’t know where to go to. Our resources are not unlimited and now that we, humanity, turn to oceans there’s a risk that soon we’ll find ourselves on a planet where there is no food to eat, no soil to grow crops, no ocean to catch fish.

The solution seen by many as the most practicable is to go to sea, start building floating housing and have large populations live in the ocean.

But this is only part of the solution. We’ll soon find ourselves on a planet where the most populated nation is one located and living in the ocean. Therefore we have to recognize right now that only sustainable floating cities will do.

Unprecedented obligations and opportunities of seasteading

We have the obligation to keep our ocean safe and clean. And to whatever number the global population grows we’ll have to hold to our aim of having the ocean clean and seasteading sustainable.

Among our aims are to lessen the pressure on the world ocean the floating cities are to put.

And to ensure sustainable growth of well-being of all the nations on the globe we must put our efforts together and make seasteading the cause of every country.

We need to make ocean-located homes out of lightweight materials. We have to provide the population with food and water obtained in situ (that is out there) on a mass scale and minimize pollution. We will have also to provide all the ocean settlers with electricity that is obtained from renewable sources.

The objectives are many. And in each area of life, in each industry we will have to set standards that are high in doing what it takes to curb and defeat pollution, higher than those in place so far.

Businesses are partners in seasteading aimed at sustainable solutions

We anticipate challenges in getting technologies to a level that meets new standards to come. We are going to have the emergence of a lot of businesses to take part in making floating housing, in outfitting them with all sorts of consumer goods, in providing services to make ocean living safe and comfortable and in engineering solutions to maintain ocean cities made up of millions and millions homes.

Opportunities for new businesses are plenty.

And our duty before the whole of humanity calls for adopting also measures ensuring that business plays by the rules and is going to comply with new regulations that are aimed at high productivity and reducing pollution – and achieving a sustainable way of life for multibillion settlements in the ocean.

We are facing the emergence of new states, ones having no land and not aiming at conquering any land or waging wars over land, as it has often been the case in the past. Many states of a new kind will form and their only goal is to deliver prosperity of their citizens and make sure the whole humanity can benefit from having good relationships with those seastading states.

The power that leads to the creation of this new seasteading states is the willpower of people, their inherent willingness to take on the challenge and survive in a new element.

Each conventional state, that is one based on land, is going to benefit from reciprocal trade with seasteading nations, new ones to come.

And it naturally follows there have to be an organization that will stand for the rights and interests of both conventional and seasteading states.

A new seasteading state to set the stage for a new space launch system

I am personally is going to set up a seasteading state, to build floating cities with floating homes affordable for mass settler. The urgency of having a floating city of my own is that I intend to build a new space launch system, one to be based on the ground and aimed at delivering passengers and cargos into space on a regular basis.

These space launch systems are different from rockets in that they include a very long launch path of about 2000 km long. Vehicles heading for space can be accelerated along this long path and gain steadily space velocity – and keeping passengers safe and sound at that.

Humanity is in need of a few of these powerful and efficient launch utilities to be placed somewhere near the equator and enabling us to send payload to space regularly.

Many would say we have rockets. Yes they are a tried means but we want to live in a diverse world, don’t we? And thus we will have to secure goals that humanity sets as space exploration is seen as a way of securing our future in the long run.

One day there will be mass space settlements out there and the need to send people and cargos on a mass scale will grow. And this day will come way much sooner than most of us could imagine.

Just think about our best interests, and you will see that it is in our best interests to help humanity go to space having our Earth safe at that.

Launch Loops, ground-to-space launch utilities are going to serve the best of best interests of all humanity.

A feature that is seen by many as an advantage of the rocket – that it can be used both for civil and non-civil application – might be seen by others as rather its disadvantage; the rocket is therefore a controversial thing.

To add to our world more stability, and at the same time preserve our beliefs, we need more diversity. And Launch Loop – besides the fact they are going to be much more expensive than rockets – are going to give us more diversity. And this way we get two ways to get to space. And more competiton.

Competition if dealt with properly leads to rising quality, more jobs, more advancements, more involvement and finally lower prices.

Innovations by themselves don’t offer the promise of low prices. First have to come more companies, more jobs, more income and more better well-doing communities.

With time Launch Loop might prove controversial as well. But so far no one has been able to think of any sound military application of Launch Loop: they are too long to be fully immune from vulnerability and the only goal they have been designed for is to steadily accelerate a vehicle with people in a controlled way from the ground to space. This is a very humane invention.

Launch Loop differs from electromagnetic gun; the launch path is placed above the atmosphere and the absence of air provides acceleration here with as little friction as possible.

Launch Loops are designed to be exceptionally good at the acceleration that is safe for humans. This kind of space launch system with active support was first devised by K. Lofstrom, a great thinker and inventor of our days.

One way to secure the world and add more stability to it is to have competition between conventional and seasteading states in  building more and more efficient Launch Loops, that is competition for peaceful space exploration.

The way to go is to have space faring plans, that is plans of having mass space colonies and securing their sustainability. It follows that we will need to have also a ready population of billions, keep them on the Earth safe and sound as well. Yet another objective to be shared and pursued by the whole of humanity.

Having solar panel arrays in space to feed Launch Loop, space launch system

In our design we have a Launch Loop that is able to have power supply from sources that are renewable. Space launch systems to be built in our new independent state will have electricity delivered from solar panel arrays placed right in space. And this way we are going to take the lead and help guide humanity to a sustainable world.

Our energy demands can be successfully dealt with by having the photovoltaics in space and running Launch Loops on energy that is renewable, clean and don’t put burden on the Earth.

This project is meant to give hope to all human race. As we build first floating cities, get them populated, develop trade with the rest of the world, we are heading for a position where an independent newly born state is able to get funded a project like constructing Launch Loop and provide the services of space launch system running regularly for all nations of the world – and this way to sustain healthy, peaceful and mutually beneficial relationships with other nations.

We are the providers of the services; others are the consumers.

Today we all really need this kind of relationships between people of different origin, from different nations. And this is seasteading set in motion on a mass scale that is going to help us clean the path to this kind of relationships.

Today we all have a unique chance to build a world where we are all – all people from every country – would want to live. Much is at stake.

A new organisation to help grow new businesses for seasteading

And today we, different people with various backgrounds, from different countries have to take a concerted effort and demonstrate our willpower to have a plan to build this new world and have the will to go through steps leading to the future we all are going to share.

Will it be a world where everyone has best opportunities to choose a way of life, choose a job, set his own goals and prosper through hard work?

Or will it be a dark world filled with fear with no hope?

Now is time to act. And the way to go is to put our effort in setting up an organization acting in the interests of all people, one whose domain is seasteading.

This organization has objectives to work out standards for energy, materials and lifestyles of things to be used in floating cities on the ocean.

  • To promote effective measures preventing pollution at sea from floating cities with multibillion populations.
  • To promote business opportunities for those who want to design, engineer, manufacture floating homes and consumer goods for their inhabitants.
  • To encourage dialog between conventional states and newly seasteading nations to come to have good relationships in various areas.

These are a few among main objectives that fall into the scope of a new organization to come, World SeaSteading  Organisation

It’s time to have as wide discussion of its goals and ways to go ahead as possible.

It’s time to have plans of building headquarters of such an organization and make sure the construction of the building and having it on a nation’s own soil will offer benefits to the hosting state, but at the same time the building will be located in a country most suitable to help advance the agenda of seasteading in the interest of all people in the world.


dedicated to Ira