Building Launch Loop at the equator and creation of an independent state on high seas

There is no word to describe the disaster in which humanity finds itself. But there is a solution: going seasteading for one. And then going spacefaring.

Our aims are:

  • Floating cities on the high sea for billions,
  • Building Launch Loops at the equator to provide regular space launches from ground to space,
  • Building Orbital Trains consisting of millions space cars around Earth to enable mass space colonization.

Humanity is under threat people have created themselves. Our cities are overcrowded. We expect a surge in population measured in billions.  We face a surge of refugees all over the world due to lack of food. Our lands are shrinking. Land quality and crops drop. And humanity have to face it: the threat is so high the existence of the human race is under question.

The way to go is to start building large settlements on the high seas and create industries that are sustainable: we have to stop taking only but start giving.

I am going to create an independent state on high seas and give home to billions. Create jobs, new industries and make sure while protecting our people we protect the future of humanity.

Our aim is even higher than that. We aim to build space settlements made of millions of space cars orbiting Earth. When put in a circle a million or two of spaceships form an Orbital Train running all the way around Earth. These are to become future homes for all people who will come and demand a lifestyle to live not just to take but also give.

Building Orbital Trains consisting of millions spaceships calls for mass launch systems

In order to make mass space colonization reality we need besides many other things space launch systems that operate on a regular basis. These launch systems are located on high seas near the equator and do their job by accelerating vehicles to space velocities.

Building Orbital Trains is an aim to be shared by all humanity as we seek to give hope to both those leaving for space and those who stay on the Earth.

Building Orbital Trains consisting of millions spaceships will call for launch systems capable of sending to space people and cargo regularly.

And the aim of an independent state to come is to build mass space launch systems at the equator and ensure they are running.

Humanity, conventional countries, are going to pay a price for their not becoming space fairing nations, for their lack of space colonization plans. The price of what we are set to do - constructing Orbital Trains around Earth and setting up mass launch systems on Earth – is going to be high enough. But the price of not going to space is going to be even higher, almost unbearable for conventional states. Which might put ones to the brink of extinction. But we give a hand to all of them.

The objectives, ones most important, while building Orbital Trains are to overcome engineering challenges. And among them is found the challenge of reducing the mass of spaceships, their engines, walls, the interior, components, and things to live inside them.

Unprecedented challenge to design new materials to cut costs orders of magnitude

We set the aim to cut costs by virtue of applying materials that are strong, fit for the task and lightweight and methods that are effective to such a degree that all properties of a material at the atomic scale are explored and made use of.

Our engineers face an unprecedented challenge to design new materials by being in full control of their atomic and even subatomic structure and on this basis create manufacturing methods that will provide mass production of best ever materials tailored to specific tasks.

The mass of materials to be used in spaceships of Orbital Train is to become orders of magnitude lower than that of ones known by far from around.

We are going to bring into life the very technologies that will equally well serve people both in space and on the Earth. And we are set to engage into a technological fight and come out winners. We also will establish independence and work hard for a newly born independent state to be recognized.

Our independence is going to be based on technological solutions that will help humanity avoid crises and develop in a sustainable way. The major problems humanity suffer are ones resulting from our inefficient manufacturing processes. Things in our homes and cities consume too much resource, too much material and energy to fabricate them. This leads us all to a disaster. All those bulky materials consume so much energy to mine first, to process, transport, manufacture, then exploit in the form of things that again are inefficient and finally don’t live up to our expectations.

Air pollution in our cities is another trouble to stem from our lack of manufacturing methods we deserve. 

Not all degrees of freedom at atomic and subatomic levels are made use of yet to let people have better materials. And here is where our problems are rooted in.

What is nano- and space-independence? A struggle for a new technological revolution for all

Today we need a fresh technological revolution to put the knowledge of the very atomic structure of matter to service on a mass scale.

Countries who have invested in science are going to benefit most. These countries are going to be the first to recognize the independence of our new independent state as our goals to have good trade relationships with each other coincide.

As our focus is on building Orbital Trains, the inevitable result of the research and development it takes will lead to our having entire classes of absolutely new materials to improve further standards of life in all areas. These materials after having them implemented in space cars of Orbital Trains will then open up new possibilities for new industries to emerge and for us to build up plants of a new kind as we go ahead to scale up manufacturing. These new technologies will come in the form of lightweight but strong and reliable floating homes as well to form floating cities able to withstand tough weather out there at sea.

The floating dwellings need to consume as less energy and material as possible to fulfill the promise of sustainable economy. And it is space technologies, ones aimed for OrbitalTrain that make it possible to step up the production of floating homes for those leaving for high seas.

We need all these people to come alive as they are our prospective buyers for space homes in OrbitalTrain

Governments of conventional states have to recognize our independence and assist us as we set the aim to protect lives of all people on Earth. We have a duty to protect lives of our citizens who leave for seasteads, settlements on high seas.

All governments share the responsibility to keep people alive as OrbitalTrain calls for expanding markets. Through expanding markets – that is having more and more people coming – we open up possibilities to set mass production in motion and this way to carry on with bringing prices down.

Therefore governments across the world have to recognize our independence from the very beginning and acquire this way a reliable trade partner. As we don’t have land of our own, we need to locate our plants somewhere to make components for floating cities, and components of space cars to be placed further in orbit.

Keeping people alive pays off if we really work hard on new technologies to improve lives of all people to come as a mass product. The power of the free market is the value most shared in modern civilization among most, if not all, countries in the world.

Today we raise the bar. Not every country is going to trade with us. A country has to really benefit from us

Everybody wants to trade. Everybody wants to benefit from trade. But today we raise the bar. Not every country is going to trade with us. Not every state is going to benefit from being our partner on land who provides a place for our plants.

The consumption of resources such as material, energy, water must be reduced dramatically for a manufacturing facility to meet our objectives.

As we aim to deploy reliable floating homes on high seas for billions we need really advanced manufacturing methods. And we really need to set the bar high enough in order for countries to have an incentive to recognize an independent state of ours in exchange for a contract for having a plant of a new kind on their soil.

An independent state like ours has no right to encourage ineffective manufacturing practices that exhaust the planet’s resources, pollute the air and water and worst of all are not able to provide the level of production and performance humanity really needs today to have time to have constructed all the floating dwellings it takes to confront an upcoming disaster.

We actually have little time. And we really need very advanced materials to make floating homes from and methods to make them as fast as we can with as little losses as possible.

And a country has to really benefit from having on its own soil this kind of plant to be willing to provide recognition of our independent state in the first place.

We actually need to work hard to come into a position where we can make a country want to recognize our independence and want to have good business relationship with us in the form of providing a piece of land of theirs for a plant of ours.

Our engineers and researchers need to work on a type of technologies that will bring us to the future with one giant leap. And now is the time for all people to recognize the truth that we share a common goal of bringing the whole of human race to the future. The price of not doing this is that which other species could not bear in the past, ones of which we know from fossil history.

We are going to work hard on achieving our technological objectives as it is them that are what our independence can only rest on.

To have a strategy to let billions have floating homes of their own

We face the reality of building the most biggest country ever, one comprising all those citizens who will decide in favor of ocean rather than staying on the land that doesn’t provide resources needed to sustain life any more.

Seasteading is a way to go for billions. And as governments of conventional countries don’t see ways of having on their soil twice as much population in the future than current, we take on responsibility to make sure all those people will find their home on high seas in a newly established independent state of ours.

Billions of population are to come and our duty in our independent state is to meet demand and have a strategy to let billions have floating homes of their own in a state on high seas – and have a sustainable economy at that.

Our citizens and our floating cities thanks to new findings in science will keep unseen before quality of consumption having everything sustainable. And besides this we intend to give more than this.

Products for an independent state to offer as export? Space launching services operating regularly

It is having launching facilities running that will help us have reciprocal trade relations with other countries.

The ground-to-space launch system is a launch utility that is located on high seas and provides sending people and cargos to space on a regular basis.

Our objective is to build and maintain such facilities and render launching services to all countries and nations. We are providers of the services, other countries are consumers of the services.

Today with having all those crises around unfolding there is no way for humanity not to have plans for expansion of the human race into space.

Having built a regular space launch system will usher in the age of mass space colonization, a goal shared by all nations on Earth.

Our trade policy as an independent state will be based on providing launch facilities of ours for state-owned and international space agencies, for private companies and individuals to get to space in a way that secures life on Earth and is meant to be sustainable.

We aim to have a few launching setups in operation and protect them on behalf of the whole of human race.

This kind of facility is energy efficient, ecologically friendly and sustainable; it consumes renewable energy.

Solar panels directly in orbit to supply power for launch facilities of ours

We are planning to have solar panels in orbit and have the launch setups fed on this energy which is clean and renewable. Moreover we are not going to take but give.

To this end our independent nation is going to become a space-faring nation from the very beginning and have lightweight solar panel arrays positioned in geostationary orbit harvesting solar energy out there and passing it down to directly supply the launch utilities. This way we are giving to the Earth, not taking from it.

Next the launch facilities are not meant to burn fossil fuel or use chemical propulsion. They make use of electromagnetically accelerated parts that are encased in vacuum tubes and are intended to be running all the time. Launch path itself is elevated above the atmosphere and stretched over the distance of some 2000 km over the ocean. It is here that vehicles are accelerated to space velocities.

As our goal is to build this kind of space launch system in numbers enough to meet ever-growing demand for ground-to-space transit the objectives are:

Objectives to have ground-to-space launch facilities in service:

  • Make use of best advanced materials for parts and components of the space launch system
  • Provide maintenance and keeping the launch setups in operation over a long lifetime
  • Provide clean and renewable energy by putting an array of solar panels (photovoltaics) directly in space
  • Provide defense both technologically and physically of the structures
  • Provide safe launches and minimized harm to the environment in the case of failure
  • Keep advancing the technologies and ways of operating Launch System to ensure ever growing quality of solutions
  • Support an economy based on the free market, fair and open competition among developers, makers, contractors and suppliers

We intend to have an economic model in which everyone will benefit. Those creating new materials or making more efficient components from around the world will get access to the project and will compete in the free market where the most fit succeed.

Our independence will be gained only through fair economy and trade, through hard work on developing best technological products and services possible, through supporting the free market and fair competition among researchers, developers and makers, through establishing high standards of manufacturing that is environmentally friendly and making space technology work for all.

One of various mass launching systems called Launch Loop is of particular interest as it holds great promise but at the same time is a great engineering challenge. Launch Loop has been proposed by Keith Lofstrom, one of the greatest inventors and educators of our times. We take our hat off to Keith Lofstrom.

We believe having a space launch system like this actually constructed and running for all humanity will take the creation of an independent state.

It is an honor for us to ouline a plan to open a university of a new kind dedicated to K. Lofstrom, one aimed to fight poverty around the world by making education and training to get prepared to go to space affordable to everyone.

And in the next episodes we’ll turn our minds to engineering and technological challenges to overcome to conquer independence. As achieving our long-run goals lies through achieving nano- , space- and technological independence, advances in these fields are our primary topics to cover and discuss.

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