Here’s how Orbital Train helps reduce crime: get people involved in training to become astronaut - and more

We’ve got an awesome feedback from our amazing folks. Alex from Tokyo asks how Orbital Train would exactly help reduce crime. Can we have this answered in down-to-earth terms understandable by ordinary people, asks Alex? Yes, we definitely can.

Training to become an astronaut, training to be a more successful problem-solver

In the first place we want young men and women to get involved in training to become an astronaut. That is get themselves prepared to perform tasks and acquire skills we’ll need in space during space missions.

Everything starts out from training your willpower, your desire to become strong and able. We’ll organize our training space centers all around the world where young people are going to get themselves ready to withstand hardships of spaceflight. The objectives are many starting from developing the ability to withstand higher than on Earth acceleration that takes place during a space launch. People will be training their stamina, physical strength, develop their  preparedness to face more and more increased levels of load and perform at the same time more and more sophisticated tasks required in spaceflight and space missions..

As we build in Orbital Trains a space settlement for mass settler, we aim to mass train, that is, to have as many people well-trained as possible. Besides developing enhanced physical qualities, youth will be practicing teamwork and get education in the fields of natural and space sciences such as physics, chemistry, biology, also medicine and many others, ones needed in space missions.

Ultimately our goal is to open space centers, entire universities and get this stimulated through the support of the general public who want higher levels of safety, safe streets and safe communities. We are going to garner the support of locals in every country, every major city and small town, in every village, from every family and every member of family.

Space technology to bring more jobs

Orbital Train is about safety, about increased trust among people, about giving best hope ever to reach a society where skills of every individual matter and every personality is valued. And where people are welcome to start their education in the form of getting prepared to go to space. So back to the question asked, Orbital Train is to improve safety in our countries – and in yours specifically – in many ways.

Firstly we promote education for everyone aimed at getting prepared to go to space.

Secondly as we intend to build plants producing spaceships, as well as components for them and various items for the interior, we are aiming at creating jobs. Once people have jobs, they form a more strong society in which there is no much place for crime. Higher motivation and involvement, higher commitment to the job you do inherently lead to safer streets and less crime.

Space jobs: from a dream to a spaceship of your own

So the first thing we want to do is to give hope for everyone and the freedom to pursue any job, any career you like. To this end we’ll encourage healthy competition so that there are more companies ranging from family businesses and startups put together by former students to companies of medium and big caliber.

This will lead to increased opportunities for men and women to choose a job and career to pursue, to come up for a place in a company they freely choose among many.

And lastly, what is crime? It you want something, want to come in possession of something, then take steps to have this thing in possession, and then society punish you because society doesn’t want you to have got this, at least this way, - this is called crime.

So what do we do to make sure if folks want to come in possession of a certain thing, they are not punished by society and they don’t commit crime?

Society can go about this one by creating the abundance of things that are desired. That is availability of things at affordable prices for everyone.

To value everyone

We at Orbital Train want to give everyone hope that one day they will be able to have a spaceship orbiting Earth of their own – and dream of it in practical terms knowing it is in their reach to have one. This encourages people to go to university, to pursue a certain profession or career, work hard and go straight to the subject of their dream.

Right now it is possible to create a university of an absolutely new type where young men and women are taught how to come into possession of what they want in life. We at Orbital Train space centers are committed to deliver safer societies by educating people that it is in their power to become owners of space real estate, that is space homes by following their dream and making use of their natural abilities that we are going to value and help develop.

And down to earth, on the way to that goal we are set to open a university and actually have people taught how they can have offices, plants and yachts, cars and skyscrapers, helicopters and banks of their own – and get their property acquired in a lawful way through competition and by means of exhibiting and taking advantage of their own unique talents and skills.( Check out:  Building multinational to offer goods and services of presidential class for everybody.)

Towards society free from crime through advancing space technology

Ultimately we at Orbital Train space centers see ideal society where there is no crime at all. How is it possible? In this society people are allowed to have thoughts of things they want to come in possession to. People’s minds are connected in a network, that is, they can read thoughts of others, send and receive thoughts, or mental pictures of things. In this network mental power of users is enhanced in a way that they receive guidance on how they can actually come into possession of what they have thought up. Their options of getting things are multiplied manifolds.

Powerful advanced computers working in concert with users’ minds enhance and increase their abilities to think of ways of how to get this or that thing.

By contrast people become criminals when they don’t have options to get things they want. Due to lack of imagination many end up in poverty. So by developing a network to link people’s minds we fight both crime and poverty. And the way to go is through harnessing the power of the free market in a brain network to come. There will emerge a lot of companies competing with each other in delivering services of better than the contender’s quality. There will be many different services that help users make up for the lack of imagination at the very least. We set this goal since we need more advanced ways to design spaceships of the future powered with advanced space technology.

In modern society people are going to become a criminal just because they see things and they want them. The problem is there is a gap between the sight of a thing they caught in the real world and their having obtained it. People become criminals because they don’t turn their brains on to see themselves living in a specific lifestyle of their own: they see the thing but don’t see ways not to have this thing. They have given in to the thing, given themselves up, their willpower. Sad.

So we need to fill that gap and build the bridge from seeing a thing to a lifestyle. In modern society crime occurs, again, when people don’t have their own vision of their own lives; the vision is blocked by things.

One thing is to see something desirable in real life, and the other is to see it your own mind.

Thoughts of things, thoughts of spaceships to come to be affordable for everyone

In a brainnet to come users are going to have thought of things of their own. Their minds are busy now with ones that suit them best and they see a wide variety of things to choose from. We want to expand their choice of the very thoughts enormously.

From the very beginning users are thinking of things that are their own, by contrast to what minds inclined to crime are usually bothered with.

From this it is clear that we have to let people think much more of things of their own. And give them best possibilities to set their minds on what they want and really take time to thinking over things that suit them best and which of them are really worth coming in their life. Which of them will really contribute to their lifestyle, in brief.

This all goes to show that our strategy is aimed at enhancing people’s abilities to think over things. To have in their minds not only what sight of which is caught from reality around but also things that have never happened before, both things and lifestyles. While having a picture of a lifestyle people will see the way the thing contributes in their wellbeing and how it suits them best.

We’ll enhance our users’ ability to think over both things and lifestyles, ones that ultimately will make them happy and their dreams fulfilled. This is our mission. Our vision of a future where there is no crime at all as everyone is happy that they have everything they want and even more – they have thoughts in their minds of things that have never been around before.

We at Orbital Train space centers will promote creating this kind of network linking up minds because people want to see directly in their minds what orbital spaceships, their future homes, are and what the life in space will look like. And further, explore deeply in their minds the advantages for them this lifestyle can bring about. And being full well informed decide whether they go to space to live out there and build a new life in a place where there hasn’t been it yet.

Generating more new jobs through space technologies

And besides the points made through developing new space technologies for OrbitalTrain there will appear a variety of novel materials and technologies available at relatively low prices which opens up unseen before prospects in almost every industry. Pick any industry you like, take new materials of a Space Age – and you are going to outperform old ways of production. Managers will be able to cut expenditures for materials and instead pay employees more. The more people are paid better for their work the higher living standards in families and communities. The more safer communities we get. The key is availability of novel materials coming from space technology that outperforms old ones and less expensive at that. This might happen only if their production is successfully scaled up. It is OrbitalTrain that is going to expand markets and roll out the production on a mass scale. The result to expect is ongoing reduction in prices.

Today the whole humanity is in need of a new technological revolution of a space age. A lot of novel materials that can make a difference are available or underway. But they are expensive. Things will change when the demand is high enough to make us press ahead with mass production. Through mass producing spaceships for millions we aim to reduce prices and open up new opportunities for businesses to pay less for materials of the higher quality and this way obtain more means to better reward people. More well-doing society is more able to set and achieve higher goals in the area of safety and security.

Bionic creatures to be your pets and safeguard you via space technology

We envision the emergence of a new industry, one of making bionic creatures, and many independent teams working on designing pets and companions of every kind for customers.

It is the developing of space technologies for OrbitalTrain that will make it possible to mass produce bionic parts and let mass user have ones at their disposal as pets or safeguards.

Bionic pets can be trained to take on the function of your personal bodyguard and react to threats to their masters when someone comes at him.

Bionic creatures can be very smart, supportive and effective and do pretty much in the way of stopping the offender trying to do harm to their master.

We will encourage talents, those who take inspiration from nature to get bionic creatures designed in a way that ensure they are highly customized and produced or grown in an environment friendly way. We’ll stage shows and competitions among teams who make bionic creatures to showcase their skills as safeguards.

As many get involved in designing and making them crime is going to decrease, safety increase.

OrbitalTrain will contribute in making society safer in much more ways.

Space Musical to promote best stars and role models for the young to go to space

In Space Musical we show how it is cool to go to space by way of Orbital Train. In it people gather and sing and dance. They build Orbital Trains and take off heading to space in them, singing and dancing all along.

Space Musical is about achieving unseen before goals – having a new space civilization in Orbital Trains -  and giving hope for everyone. It is also going to contribute to safety as we demonstrate in it role models who set their goals high, who have high aspirations and live their dream. The more young  people watch and want to follow the star’s example the more safety we get: young people will eat food stars of Space Musical eat, drink what they drink, dress and behave like them and get engaged themselves into training courses the stars take to keep fit in space centers of ours.

Local authorities will have to collaborate in order there be more places where the young can come to practice singing and dancing as well as sporting and fitness activities to get themselves prepared to come out for Space Musical and become new stars. The more such places a city hosts the less likelihood of the young getting on the bad track.

OrbitalTrain is to do much in the way of safety: from making space technology create new jobs to setting an example for youth stars of Space Musical will demonstrate..

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