Building multinational to offer goods and services of presidential class for everybody. Education for all | to Keith Lofstrom

Have you ever dreamed about living in a presidential way? To travel in a presidential way? To reside in hotels in presidential apartments? Wear clothes and accessories and use services only presidents can afford?

I am your coach for a president of the United Space and I’m going to tell you about how to reach the object of your dream in a presidential way. Cool? The more cooler thing is that we are going to gather together a team of winners and build all those stuffs everybody dreams of and not so long only presidents could afford to have at their disposal.

We are going to build skyscrapers with banks, hotels and offices of presidential class with sport clubs, spas, pools and services answering presidents’ demand. We are going to build airplanes, helicopters, cars, drones that fit into presidential class - and along with it run many other companies offering president-worth services around the world.

We’re going to open high, higher schools and universities to teach how to become presidents with best presidential facilities run by our multinational becoming our educational facilities – for students of ours who do well.

Cool? Stay tuned!

The cool thing now is that you can get started your education on how to become well-trained for a President of the United Space right now!

First read Five Truths about President of the United Space. Next find free articles and pieces of training on our web-site.

Learn even more! Pass through different coaching programs for those going to be a president and get your own couch for a President of the United Space who will guide you step by step straight to your dream. Stay tuned!

If living in a presidential way is for you – you genuinely believe in it, feel you deserve it and is going to get to hard work to master steps leading to the dream, - this project is for you! Stay tuned!

Today we are talking about many people across the world – men and women – having ambitions and the desire to realize them.

The aim is to gather together a community of highly-skilled professionals and form a platform for them online so that they can teach those going to become presidents and lead a truly presidential life.

But we don’t want to teach in a conventional way. We want our students – or users of a service to come – to get involved in the way of things. It is for this purpose that we’re going to have built all those skyscrapers, hotels, banks, resorts, run airlines, yachtclubs and different services – and inspire our students from the very beginning to explore the lifestyle in physical reality they believe they belong to.

We want the students to get involved in a contest for taking best places in the sun. And those getting on with the training well will get access to the presidential life in the form of all those stuff to come.

We also want to make education affordable for everybody. Therefore the project is also a movement in the direction of building an educational system for all.

We want our future presidents to have been studying with ordinary people, have been training among ordinary people, and come from ordinary people. We also want them to be well-trained and the mission of our education is to promote best-trained presidents ever.

Did you know that ordinary presidents, those of the past, don’t have as much power to create a lifestyle as do you by merely the force of your imagination? And what will happen if we all put our minds together to creating collectively an absolutely new way of life we seek to live? Read carefully 5 Truths about President of the United Space and may you know you’re closer to your dream than you’ve thought.

The whole world needs more well-trained confident and able leaders. And that’s why we want to extend our training programs worldwide. We want everybody in the world to be in a position to afford education. And the goal and mission of our team is to develop a platform and build a multinational that will get people around the world involved into education. The mission is to make sure everybody can get education.

The focus in our education is on training that is letting people practice what they have wanted and are up for to do. The training under guidance of much experienced couches will give different skills to our students needed for a leader of the future. Working on this way we, every couch, give a pledge to offer absolutely unique, very different and special training programs. We are going to teach you stuff none of the conventional universities or schools teaches.

The aim is creating education of the future. And without getting students involved straight into training the aim won’t be achieved.

Finally, through training students will learn to do things in a natural way.

And before we get started, let everyone willing to join and contribute ask himself a question: ” What will my country get out of all of it?” Did you ask it right now? Cool! It shows you‘re starting to think in a presidential way. Soon you’ll get on immensely. 

But before we get started we’d better make that question into: “What will the world get out of it?” If you ask it you think not only in a presidential way but as a genuine leader of the future should.

The whole world is in bad need of such leaders with such a mindset and the answer is: it’ll get leaders like you!

That’s the point of the whole project, besides skyscrapers, airlines, hotels, yachtclubs, resorts and much more to come we’re going to build in all countries across the world.

So let’s get started.


The university to come is dedicated to a true pioneer of space exploration Keith Lofstrom. His bright and demanding mind has led him to the idea of Launch Loop, a launch utility to be based on the ground and provide sending people and cargo to space on a mass scale, almost non-stop.

We believe building Orbital Trains around Earth consisting of millions space cars will have to rely for the most part on this kind of launching facility,

A great inventor and educator Keith Lofstrom dreams about defeating poverty worldwide. His noble aspiration will get wings with setting in motion the type of education aimed at everyone we outlined here.

Students in this university will learn how to come into posession of space cars in Orbital Train as well as get the education needed to be qualified to get developed highest quality engineering solutions for Orbital Train and Launch Loops.

Indeed to have built a Launch Loop it takes to support mass transit to a large space settlement like Orbital Train will call for a team of winners. This university dedicated to the great inventor  will grow up the winners.

And yes, we actually have plans to get us started to build even more advanced Launch Loops in the high sea in numbers.

Leaders of the future we aim to prepare will guide the human race to the high seas. We are going to have floating cities, ocean-going yachts and floating homes out there with the goal to create an independent state on the high sea. And people will have to come into pocession of a multitude of things, starting from yachts and floating homes.

Next, at the equator we are going to have a few Launch Loops, advanced level mass launching systems to operate non-stop. If conventional governments don't have enough guts to get a project like this funded we are destined to have our own state, or even a network of them lead by true leaders, on the high sea and along with it have citizens out there exercise the full freedom to decide which way to go to get the project funded and put in service. Let then the citizens themselves be calling the tune in handling Launch Loops.

With having this kind of university set up for real Keith's dream of eliminating poverty will become closer to reality. We all take our hat off to Keith for the way he took the lead and keeps working his brainchild's way. Keith Lofstrom is an independent inventor and developer. In fighting for the technological independence for all humanity of Space Age he set a brilliant example for all of us to follow.


If you are someone who is interested in nanotechnologies, space exploration and taking part in making the plan outlined here reality, join OrbitalTrain community on G+ - you are welcome!

Read Five Truths about President of the United Space here.