Building a new generation of people through Shower Network with videocameras and AI-assistants. Are you shy?

Our vision of the future: all the showers in the world are outfitted with cameras and signed up into a Shower Network. Next, all the users are connected through AI-enabled shower-based spots of entry to it.

People want to be able who they are: do what they want and enjoy what they do. Our Shower Network to come is a way of life for those who choose adventure and fight for success.

It is for men and women who want to live their own life and be valued by others – for the way they look, for their lifestyle, fighting for personal freedom and valuing freedom.

Walk in a shower. It is only natural!

Perhaps our best moments in life are those when we are in a shower or bathroom, when we walk out lovely smelling and refreshed. But others don’t see us! And that’s the problem.

When you have taken a shower and walked out and follow through, you want your video to be taken. To have the way you are and your lifestyle taken. You want to share with others the joy of life, your success, your happiness,  or beauty and charm or being adventurous and efficient.

Whether you are a man or a woman you look at your best at these moments. And you want to take everything from life. You know you are charming and beautiful. You know you are strong and highly competitive. Why to hide your beauty or your strength with clothes? Are you shy?

You aren’t. You are someone who the whole world belongs to. The whole world of opportunities lies before you! So why are there not a service in place to provide a connection of you with the world, with friends and just people from different continents?

You are an explorer who wants to leave for outer space and take part as a crew member in a dangerous and demanding  Mars mission. You are a beauty who wants to enchant everyone around. Why can’t others see how strong or charming you are?

You are free to choose the way of life you seek to live. Why can’t others see it is in your nature to be free and strong. To be free and wild. To be free and charming? To be free and smart? To be free and be naked?

Are you shy?

Shower Network is going to come with an absolutely new product or service for all those people, men and women, who are collectively called a civilization – and equip showers with cameras to help you be what you want to be.

All showers in the world are going to come outfitted with cameras and a variety of advanced services as all people – all men and women in the world – deserve to be who they are.

The mission of Shower Movement, a more broad initiative, is to help our civilization to become a new society, more fair, more advanced, more able – a society of a new era of space age.

How are we going to do this? Let’s get down to the business.

When people first learn about the idea of shower cabins with cameras linked up in a network and a social network, they say: “there is no way for this to be real”. They say: “What?... Who and why would want it?”

I think it would be much easier to just make up the stuff, roll them out and let people in – and see who and why would want it.

“Do you really think there is a market for this? ”

Guys! These comments are very inspiring ones. They tell there has not been a market like this so far. This means we have the greatest opportunity ever to start doing things in an area where there’s no limit to grow. To start a company , to get developed a new kind of services and devices and make sure we follow up the advantage we enjoy right now.

Let everybody know we are going to set to work right now! In every country, every city there have to emerge our teams, our AI research labs, offices and places of manufacture.

In every country in the world there have to be a sense of growing hopes for economic growth and prosperity and many new jobs. There have to emerge support from local groups of those who envision the brightest future for their country or their city or county. We are going to choose a few cities across the world and turn them into the world’s new capitals of a new industry. Which cities will become ones depends on the activity of our supporters out there.

Just take a look at what our supporters write:

When I came across a Reddit thread titled “Shower Network: people come in a shower and start shooting videos, streaming them live | New AI application questions” there was no force in the universe that could have stripped me from clicking that link.

Gosh, who wouldn’t want to take part in a social network designed to livestream your shower?

Thanks Tristan Greene! We indeed had better to get the stuff done and see… but hold on a little. Let’s see what our user cases are.

When your roommate/flat mates have taken a shower, and they walked out and follow through walking around naked, they behave in a natural way.

The problem is boys and girls live separate, and girls can’t watch boys and boys can’t watch girls. By outfitting the shower cabins and rooms with cameras we allow ones to have their video taken and the others to watch.

Clothes can be put on those who are in a shower or have walked out. And while they are naked physically, watchers see them dressed.

And doing so aided with AI we are making our way to a new level of society and culture.

Say censoring naked bodies good-by

Simple censoring won’t do. It’s dull and a thing of the past. Winners, who our users naturally are, deserve something better. Something that not defaces but adorns their bodies.

And in our Shower Network they’ll get fashionable virtual clothes. In the view of others a user will be seen dressed in whatever he or she likes.

We shall create a wide rich choice, plenty of clothes , for men and women to choose from.

We shall create a new market for those who design and create virtual clothes

Clothes can be put on by a mere gesture or a voice command by a user. AI assistant on the user side listens to or tracks his gestures and then does what the user has ordered.

People are going to be in full control of what they look, that is what they wear and what livestream. Watchers in full control of what they see.

Moreover we want to enable our users with an ability to be in full control of scents, what they smell – what scents they stream and what receive.

Now let’s take a look at this comment.

“The only people interested in this would be pervs” -- What!?

What? If you go to a store/shop and buy there soap, shampoo, creams – you’re a perv?

Then you smell samples of perfume before buying it in a shop – you’re a perv?

If you woke up in the morning, get undressed and is having a shower – naked - and apply soap, aroma and beauty products you like better ...

Then you walked out, get dressed and come to work – others smell the way you smell – who’s a perv?

What makes difference in our Shower Network to come is: you’re in full control the way you look and smell. Watchers are in full control of what to watch, and moreover, they are in full control of what to smell! You are a user – you decide!

Say you like how roses smell – you’re free to tune your AI and have it set filters so that the kinds of smell you like only pass.

What makes difference is that through Shower Network you not only smell samples of perfume but watch others applying different kinds of perfume or beauty products and is able to smell the way it smells. You’re in control to close the window if you dislike it. You’re in control to fine-tune scent filters and receive at your place what you like.

If Internet-of-smells is to come and be a viable option for everybody it is more likely to happen when people are in search of perfume or beauty products that are going to suit better for them. It is more likely to happen in a network like ours where you’re in search of new aromas and you want more of a choice, more options, more of being in touch with those who have mastered the art of taking care of the body.

It is for you and me, it is for everybody. And it is only natural.

Shower Network is going to be a platform for everybody, a mainstream platform

The challenge our developers thus face is to provide each user a variety of settings and an ability to be in full control at their place of what they livestream and watch, what they send and receive.

To provide as high quality service as joint work of teammates from different backgrounds can only allow.

Our goal is to pursue advances in technologies and make them serve people and their demands.

We’ll bring space technologies down to Earth as the destiny of humanity is to become a space species. We are about to start building large space settlements around the Earth and among other comforts of life in space our goal is to outfit space homes of future space settlers with showers.

Initially the objective has been to set up facilities to get developed advanced models of showers for space settlements, for people, true heroes, who are going to live in outer space, work there and have at their disposal a  best quality product to enjoy life out there in full.

Showers of space era. You know the way to the stars

In our view it is Orbital Train consisting of many wagons-homes that will embody this kind of space settlement for all. Large and long trains stretching all over around the globe are going to become a home for billions and will come as a new civilization.

Our primary and ultimate goal is thus to design entire space homes equipped with whatever it takes to provide full-blooded life out there. Showers are part of our space building program, conceived, designed and built for very special people of space nation. For all of us! For winners! With these showers, this kind of technology and being involved in this kind of network everybody is going to be a winner. Shower Network in space is part of a defense plan to stop spreading diseases and get a space civilization to come protected.

And part of our mission on Earth is through a high level of space hygiene to help people confront dangerous epidemics that might kill billions.

Now let’s get down to work and become winners. The whole civilization will be able to survive if it is able to secure its place in outer space. There’s no way to move backwards. Where to? To caves?

Folks, I want you to realize you’re lucky ones, as you have learned what the steps of a company of a new age to come are. You’re lucky because you are in a position where you can build your career in this company. You know the way to the stars.

You’re in a position to invest into your future, to invest your capital, your knowledge, to invest professionally into a career and become a developer, a tester, a user – and a winner! – of unseen before products to come whose market is the whole of humanity.

You’re in a position to start your own political career and push Shower Network through.

Run for a mayor of your town or city or a seat in a Parliament making the ideas of Shower Movement part of your campaign

The population of Earth grows; a good news for Orbital Train as all those people sooner or later are going to become its inhabitants. But at the same time life in cities across the world gets denser which is bad as it creates favorable conditions for spreading diseases.

We have to have all those people showering, clean and washed. And we have to make it public policy; states and city councils have to take care of it. Now is time to get moving with it.

There is no way of not having all those people in showers. No way of not having even more advanced public policy of getting all those people into hygienic procedures they are most likely willing to do.

The result of epidemics of any kind, in whatever corner of the globe an outbreak would occur, will be nothing short of a disaster: the market for space cars will have squeezed badly. Bad thing; is not going to happen!

If you are someone who would prefer see our civilization not destroyed by a devastating epidemic because of lack of hygiene you would also prefer to see people and socialize through Shower Network. And you are going to lend your support to it whoever you are and at whatever level you're at.

The market for Showers of Space era hasn’t been yet, but it will be created. Our job is to follow up the advantage we have and create a company and a movement that will help humanity live through disasters and lead it to Space.


In next episodes:

  • We are to create an AI research lab to help in creating markets of virtual clothes of new fashion for all. Jobs of AI and challenges the developers face.
  • We’ve got an awesome feedback from our amazing folks :

Seems very creepy to me. The only people interested in this would be pervs. And there's no way to prove that the developers of this "shower network" won't just be sitting there watching all these naked people showering uncensored

Sounds like the developers are challenged. Guys, again we have something more better, advanced and exciting than mere “cencoring”. What is it? You’ll see it soon!

- and much more to come. Stay tuned!


People who contributed to the development of this idea are:GuitarsRgreat, spudmix, CyberByte, Tristan Greene