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We've asked a question on Reddit: Time to create a new independent state for all holders of cryptocurrency? What policy would you introduce in the interest of cryptoholders?

And we've got an awesome feedback from our amazing people.  Let's get into it!

Public transit that goes to space.

Pizza party every Friday. , by tuber

I love this one. This is the first one to come. And you just lit up the room with the public transit to space - this is what moving our state at the equator is about. I appreciate you didn't say "for free" :)

Yes, we have a plan of having public transit that goes to space (a space launch system) : Building Launch Loop at the equator and creation of an independent state on high seas

Bitcoin captcha faucet for everyone! by cubeeless

We will! As our goal is to gather very special developers, the faucet to come is going to be very special as well. What will it be like? I would say a couple of words, and the point is it will be very different from existing ones.

We'll certainly make that faucet, but it will only be implemented if we are able to come up with something as different from existing ones as the Earth and the Sky. Its will be an educational aim. So, suggestions how to implement it differently from others?

We've got a whole bunch of policies to introduce from JG758

Free neckbeard grooming kits for all

For women too?

Free lapdances for developers based on github activity

Guy! Your enthusiasm is something! But the question is: why didn't github implement this yet? And by the way we've got our own Space Musical to promote. So.. yours and mine seem suggestions to compete for votes of our folks

When you reach the 1 BTC threshold, Andreas A. will narrate your favorite audio book...or drop a few bars of a personalized rap song (your choice)

If your favorite book is our "Declaration of Independence", I might give this one my vote, but...

Now I'll say a boring thing. How does it agree with the idea that all our citizens are supposed to be equal rather than divided by money ?

No Rogers allowed

It's up to voters. Or probably this might go as a kind of service or a plugin for a user. - let devs have their say.

No f***ing taxes on crypto gains

Babies and small animals must love you! You rock! Any independent state would be lucky to have you on it. This one made me ask a question: shall an independent state necessarily impose taxes on its citizens? Or it can do without any taxes at all? If so - if we are able to run our state successfully without taxes , - we are going to gain a phenomenal thing. To accomplish what nobody in history has managed to. And with best team ever, one of winners, we are going to be it seems nothing is impossible. I'll give my take on this, but first want you guys to answer the question of how we could achieve our state goals and still collect zero taxes?

r/Girlsgonebitcoin expenses can be written off as a charitable donation

You rock again! You know what? If the girls who gone bitcoin spend the same time for charity in Shower Network to come as well I'll give a vote for this one with my both hands.

Full Node Fridays to let people take off work to teach noobs how to run a node

This one is going to really help us get off the ground. I've started a group Full Node Fridays - let everybody, noobs and pros - join it and the vote will decide. JG758, you might join the group to be its leader.

Free wellness checks for day traders

If traders vote for this one we'll work hard and introduce free wellness checks.The health of our folks comes first.

Mandatory 10% discount on all crypto purchases

I'm pretty sure one day stores, service providers, suppliers will come on to our platform to be developed and give a discount of 10% or more on every item sold for cryptos - just to be awesome. But our team have to work hard to create conditions that are as awesome as to make them want to do this. But what if our people are able to pass a vote in favor of it but stores have their own view of what is good for trade?

Next one is by waloon5

Offshore accounts and seasteading! yo ho ho!

This one is really like a breath of fresh air! We've indeed got to go to sea and fight our freedom! Seasteding is the future of humanity. And we seek to ensure we have floating homes designed by the best in their trade, If humanity doesn't support our state seasteading policies it will put at risk its ability to survive.

Our next move, by boxhit, brings us closer to the development stage:

A temporary council will put up a really solid smart contract governance, and oversee giving all citizens a voting token and the ability to delegate their vote, and then let the citizens decide on the rules from there.

Perhaps we'll need to look at papers on voting systems there are around. I propose to discuss this one in the group Council to give citizens voting token

Also, declaring mondays bcash day.

It's up to bcash holders to decide on this one by voting.

Thank everyone who kicked off the discussion. You all did well you AMAZING people! But for all these awesome suggestions to take shape we need to move on to a more technical talk. Indeed we have to give our folks a voting token and this way set d/c e-governance going.

I'll create a branch in the "Project Development" section.

PS. If anyone wants to take part in the discussion on this web-site, Religy.com, as a developer, PM me to get an account.