What will it take to have a powerful space policy in a newly formed independent state

Let’s take a look at where the future lies for our new independent nation.

I would like to discuss some ideas I strongly believe many share: that our state have perhaps most favorable conditions to start out to pursue its own space exploration program that will put the nation among world’s most advanced space powers and lead to our presence in various corners of Solar System.

I’d like to outline my view. And after that to ask a few questions.

The first thing I think to be right one to do is to pursue building a space launch places at the equator. If we’ve got them we’ll be able to launch spacecraft at less cost (due to taking off from the equator) – and therefore have a fair share in international launches. Besides we will be in a position to use solar power to obtain energy from renewable sources and by doing so win additional clients for our services.

Next we need to turn to the Moon and think of new ways of how we can take part in exploring the Moon. We need to put together best brains and come up with designs that are fresh, innovative and don’t copycat what have been done.

Next step: there are a lot of space technologies that can be developed, polished up and come in useful to benefit the Earth. The next renaissance in space exploration comes with the race to Mars. And pursuing goals associated with setting up a Mars colony may boost the development of a whole bunch of new kinds of technologies.

We have to face it: today the Earth is not enough for humanity. Those nations who secure their leadership in space research, development and industries will be collecting a bumper crop from their effort.

And today I think our newly born nation has best opportunities to think over as broad picture of space exploration tasks as we can. And to this end we need public consensus about the notion that the role of the country and our people’s well-being is going to depend on our ability to think big today and take decisive steps towards securing the leadership in as many possibilities associated with space as talent and skill of our people allow.

To this end we need to think today and put together best minds from the whole world in a newly designed space centers for space exploration to come.

I think in terms of letting our independent state be one of the homes of such the world’s leading centers. And what we need to do right now is to start pursuing these opportunities. Their achievement will depend on progress in such fields as nano- and biotechnologies, creating new materials, new propulsion systems. And for the most part on setting new objectives, a new set of goals before the nation of winners, pioneers and strong-spirited people who we want to prove to be.

Today we need to foresee best opportunities ever – ones associated with the development of new spacecraft, carrying out new missions and building space launch places – and not to miss the main prize that goes along with it.

The future exploration of outer space and dealing with threats coming from space largely depends on innovation-oriented work. We push frontiers all the time. Benefits space exploration is able to bring to humans are innumerable.

So let’s get started with steps that are needed to create space centers across the globe. Not only do we have to do what it takes to build those centers, but in the first place formulate powerful space policies to make sure we have the world’s talents attracted. Which will in turn largely depend on well-pronounced space policies setting ambitious goals in the long run.

Most will agree a new independent state enjoys quite favorable conditions to increase the space exploration budget.

By a voting well-balanced space budget we invest in knowledge, in advanced technologies, in talents – by doing so in a steadfast way we secure our future. And today we have to take advantage of the unique public consensus we enjoy today over here, among our folks.

Governments cannot on their own formulate space policies and stand up for increasing budgets for space exploration and science. People can.

That’s why we have to protect innovative optimistic thinking among people and let them support our movement for space exploration. The objective of this movement not torn by politically motivated things are to shape new outlooks of the future space policies for our independent state, for our own folks and for all people of the Earth.

The questions I’ve raised here are not easy ones to answer. The consensus in society must be reinforced by private-public partnership. Making our way through taking advantage this kind of partnership offers will lead us to a success. We’ll be able to offer as a result a space program that will be upheld by people.

I’d like to call on all those who see our state successful, advanced and well-doing space power to join our discussion which aim is to come up with workable plans to establish space centers that we want.

The challenge is to put together an independent space exploration policy that can compete with and even rival those of conventional space agencies.

Much bigger challenge now the whole of humanity faces is building Orbital Trains, large space settlments orbiting Earth and stretching all the way around the planet - and providing space housing at affordable prices for anyone, - a project where nations and private companies are going to collaborate in the near future. Our effort right now is to bring this future as closer to now as we can.

Today we are getting start our from building space centers around the world; and due to open and independent nature of our program everyone can contribute to it.