Shower Network: people come in a shower and start shooting videos, streaming them live right from over there

Our goal is to build a network of shower cabins equipped with cameras – very special ones – everywhere and also a network – a freshly smelling one - of people who make videos, watch and share them.

Basically people can make their videos about anything, but we primarily want to create favorable conditions for those who is liked by watchers better. What’s the award? You’ll see it soon!

As we are going to roll out the network of showers – newly designed ones from scratch – all over the place and create along with that a social network online, we also want to protect our users and watchers. For that we shall implement AI algorithms that prevent displaying the parts of human body people don’t want to see.

And besides these things we also want to make user devices that allow  to send and receive scents over the Internet to enable our watchers to sense scents at their place. As ones stream videos where they apply natural beauty products others who watch can perceive the scents of the actual aromatic substances applied. There are lots, lots, lots of them. And this differs from traditional Internet-of-smells ideas.

Every part of the project may easily prove to be difficult to implement. But this makes the point. We want to come on to the market with an absolutely new and completely newly smelling platform.

We want to integrate in the platform to come:

  • New designs of showers using bionic sustainable materials and a new kind of filters and pipes to replace existing ones
  • Video-streaming service with AI support (AI, Artificial Intelligence is going to be very smart, caring and supportive)
  • User devices able to communicate actual scents from one place to another (not the same as ordinary digital smell technologies)

We will use AI support as well to fairly reward best video-creators in a way as different from ordinary platforms on the Internet as the sky and the earth. Just turn on the water and start relaxing applying beauty products that you like better – the rest we will take on. Only take care to smell lovely.

If you are someone who is under stress just think for a moment how life can be brighter, calmer and happier if you let yourself relax. Think of gentle streams of fresh water falling from the shower. Breathe in your lovely aroma and let worries and anxieties vanish.

The world of relaxation is before you. Throw all the burden off your shoulders. Happy life is here. Just turn on the happiness in your mind!

We want all developers wanting to join the work on our project  to turn on the happiness in their minds! The mindset oriented towards calmness, happiness, relaxation and safety is a must for everybody wanting to enter our team of developers.

Let everybody contribute what he or she is good at. We need talents and those working hard from different backgrounds. What we do first is we put together a team of winners.

Finally while developing these products we have to think in terms of solutions that will work both on the Earth and in Space as well: for people living in Orbital Trains, a new Space Civilization to come.

The more people we have in Shower Cabins like this the more they want to look fit, attractive and healthy - and and the more of them will start to care to keep fit. Shower Network is going to become a step in getting as many people involved as we can in keeping fit and further into training to become an astronaut. Which is what it takes to start getting people around the world prepared to become an astronaut on a massive scale and get ready to live in Orbital Trains who choose to leave for space .

So, here's what we are going to make. And the question is: what do we do to turn the idea into a reality?

Would you like to find yourself in a shower cabin like this? Or somebody else? What are you going to do to make a dream come true?

What do you think the best strategies and tactics are to put this kind of network together from your professional point of view? And what would you do - what you're best at as a professional - to find yourself in a team of winners?

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