Making/getting started show “I immigrate to…”

In this show to come I make my attempt to get a citizenship of one or more countries attractive to live in – and report how things are getting along.

The first step is to choose a collection of countries whose passport I pursue to get while making my way through all the necessary steps required by law.

In the show I describe where I go, what tell, what forms fill in – in a way that is guided by watchers’ interests. I’m going to have been through all the legal procedures, tests and whatever it takes to obtain the citizenship – and share everything I’ll manage to find out.

I will have to use help of someone who’s going to film as I walk to immigration departments, embassies, whatever, and have talks over there.

Also I will highly likely need a collaboration of people who work in the area of immigration services to have conversations to. We are going to talk about what are advantages of being a citizen of this or that country, what are upsides and downsides of going there to live, to work, to start a business, pitfalls to avoid and a whole load of useful pieces of advice to those thinking of moving to another country on their own.

In a series of episodes we’ll discuss and compare tax systems and standards of life in different countries, ways to obtain citizenship, also healthcare system, salary rates in various industries, welfare benefits.

In the end I obtain my passport which is going to be handed by a prime-minister or president of the country. And in the further episodes I set out to the country in order to find out how reality lives up to expectations.

So what country to pick to move to? I have a couple of business-ideas of my own and plan to set up a business over there and create jobs. These also go into the show, in the future; it’s going to be another series of episodes though.

As for now: How do I go about the making of the show? After having a discussion in each episode and weighing on upsides and downsides of ideas of how to proceed, the next move will be determined by watchers.

In each episode we compare various ways of what to do next, formulate questions – and let them to be decided by those watching the show.

I personally don’t have any pronounced preferences toward this or that country. So I’m the least biased one in choosing a country to move in and stay. I’m open to suggestions and is going to behave in a way the collective mind of our watchers will decide.

I have so much to add; say we could get started with making first a couple of episodes to introduce a country from the perspective of one who meets it for the first time. Which will largely depend on the support of our team in the country. And this would better be reflected from both a man’s and a woman’s perspective, not from that of one person only, as our viewers are going to be men and women as well.So the show is going to have two hosts.

But above all I am inspired with the idea of the watchers deciding on key moves in the show, a challenge of putting together a kind of collective mind. I want people from the very beginning to start realizing what they are most interested in to see in a show like this. I'd like to know what it is.

I want to not only create a small enterprise in a country of choice but also bring the hopes of people around the world close to their fulfillment. This is why I am here and ask advice of everyone who likes to give it. Creating a show like this – where people’s vote decides what will happen next – is pretty much of a challenge for a small international team to take on. One I hope we'll put together.

My question is where I can find possible partners in your country to collaboborate on this project. What do I do to find them?

So what would be your suggestions? I highly appreciate everyone’s independent opinion and help. And I would very much like to hear your thoughts on how to take on the challenge. Please post what help you could offer or somebody else could who you know might be interested in taking part in it. Thanks in advance.

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